Are You in Desperate Need of a Hair Makeover??


SIGN #1 – Your hair has no volume or shape

SIGN #2 – You look the same as you did at high school (and that was too long ago to remember!)

SIGN #3 – Your base colour has been lost with too many highlights

SIGN #4 – You’re not receiving any compliments on your hair

SIGN #5 – Your hair and skin tone match

SIGN #6 – Your clothes have evolved; your hair hasn’t

SIGN #7 – Your hair is dry, frizzy, unmanageable!

SIGN #8 – You pull your hair back all the time

SIGN #9 – You need spend more than 20 minutes styling your hair every morning

SIGN #10 – Your stylist could cut your hair with her eyes closed

If any of these sound like you, its time to book an appointment with us quick smart!

Tell us about your hair disaster story and go in the draw to win the ultimate makeover. Winner announced on facebook Mon 18th August 2013. Makeover to be redeemed by 30th August 2013.

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