Is brunette right for you this summer?

Just because Summer is here, does not mean you need to lighten your locks. Why not have a turn on the dark side like model Jessica Stam or actress Carey Mulligan….


You’re naturally mousy brown – Richer Brown shades are an amazing way to bring out the vibrancy from naturally dull, mousy browns. Perfect if you don’t want a big change.

You want a low-maintenance salon regimen – Darker colours stay in the hair longer without fading.

Your hair is damaged and dull – Dark hair colours reflect shine better and hide breakage and split-ends.



1. Match your brown to your haircut. Go deeper and one color all over for one length hair. If it’s shorter or very layered, make the ends slightly lighter (balayage effect), or add high and lowlights to emphasize the texture of your cut.

2. Go to the extreme. The most striking brunettes today are either very dark or light. If your hair colour is medium in tone, you blend — in a bad way.

3. Steer clear of hairspray. It takes the shine away instantly.

4. Beware of black. As the saying goes, once you go black you never go back. The only way to lighten up black hues is to strip the colour out. This is not only expensive and damaging to the hair, but will take numerous appointments to get to your desired shade.

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