Hello’s, Goodbye’s & Babies

A big congratulations to Paul & Natalie on the recent birth of their beautiful identical twin daughters, Riley & Evie…….

Clearly there was something in the water at Wink this year with both Nicole (our talented Senior Colourist) and Vanessa (our Creative Art Director) also up the duff! Nicole is finishing up in early December and Vanessa in February, so be sure to book your appointments in to avoid any disappointment. In addition to your final hurrah with the girls, we’d love for them to introduce you to another stylist/technician who can look after your locks until their return.

On another exciting note, we can now confirm the return of 2 of our old favourites. Michelle, one of our longest serving and most talented colourists, has just come back after 2 years living in London, and we’re happy to say we’ve snapped her back up. And Anna, our German colour and styling whiz, is due back in salon early November after a 4 month hiatus back in her homeland.


Xmas Season is fast upon us, and we’re all gearing up to end the year with a bang. Be sure to book your Xmas appointment now to guarantee the time/dates you want. Look forward to seeing you all soon!

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