How to do – Men’s curly midlengt hair

How to style curly mid-length hair guys

Curly hair on men can be tricky to work with – especially when it’s got some length to it. It’s tempting to go just back to shorter hair. Before you go for that “chopping off” option, it’s worth reconsidering – seeing your natural waves as an opportunity for you to think out of the box and have fun with styling.

Starting with wet hair, use a curl cream like Kevin Murphy motion lotion to define your curls. Rub about 1-2 pumps on both hands and apply to hair using a scrunching technique.

Note: You can also twist small sections throughout your whole head to help define your curls more.
Next, you can either let hair dry naturally or diffuse with hairdryer.
Create texture on your hair by spraying either sea salt spray like Kevin Murphy hair resort spray or curl spray Again, you can let your hair dry naturally or use a diffuser.

This step is very important but can be a bit scary for guys (feel free to ask for help from a lady). Once your hair has dried, use a curling iron and curl random sections of your hair. To do this, you’ll have to wrap your hair around the curling iron and hold it for about 5-10 seconds then release. This creates clean and defined curls, especially if your hair is only wavy and not naturally tightly curled.

Take some wax of your choice with a matt texture like Kevin Murphy gritty business or nightrider and apply a small amount into the palm of your hands. Rub your hands together and then scrunch the product into the mid lengths and ends of your hair to style it into your desired shape. Either part your hair to a side like seen on the Hermes runway or you can place the part wherever works best with your face shape.

Working with moderately long and curly hair may mean you’ll have to put some extra work into styling it but once you’ve seen the results, you’ll know that the hard work or effort you’ve put into it is worth it. Extra work simply means extra heads will turn as you walk down the street.

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