Renegade Collective Photo shoot by Glow Salon & Wink! Hair…

Renegade Collective magazine issue 2 Mia Freedman

Kim Rattenbury & Tatum Dunwoody (for Glow Salon & Wink! Hair) work their magic on Mia Freedman for the 2nd cover of ‘The Renegade Collective’.

‘The Collective’ is a new Australian magazine; which is jam-packed with content focusing on what the publisher identifies as game changers, thought leaders, rule breakers and style makers. It’s your ultimate go to entrepreneurial and lifestyle magazine.

Tatum says: “We love working with such a progressive-minded and fresh magazine, and the fact that Mia wanted the shoot to be 100% untouched made it much more authentic. Many shoots these days are so heavily retouched that it gets hard to see what’s real and what’s not”.

Kim Rattenbury styles Mia Freedman's Hair


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